Company Vision

First established in 2005, LADİK ORMAN ÜRÜNLERİ İNŞ. PLASTİK. SAN. ve TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. by continuous investments and growing its product range such as mattres, styrofoam and skirt board, has gained a respectable place among other companies in parquet industry. 
We’re dispatching related materials to all over Turkey beginning from İstanbul. We keep on serving with the attitude of providing perfect service and producing the utmost quality products with our expertised crew without any swerve. 
Besides producing and dispatching customised products that can present solutions to any kind of varying demands coming from our customers we also strongly provide after sales and customer satisfaction services, aiming to hold the satisfaction of our customers always atop.

To provide ultimate customer satisfaction by providing continuos quality and being strongly innovative in parquet and accessories market. 


• To cover our customers’ needs within worldwide standarts by the efforts and expertise of our team.
• Offering competitive and innovative service with dynamic teamwork.
• To contribute Turkey’s economy along with the economy of the region that we’re located.
• Being a part of the development in our activity regions with innovative and leading approach.
• Beyond commercial intentions, being a reformer company and having the enthusiasm of shaping the future.
• Working human oriented.
• To place customer satisfaction to the center of our total quality approach.
• Working with experts and make this up a principal.
• Along with located region, to become a well known brand in all over Turkey.